ACC Information

Our Saguaro Canyon Subdivision is among the more uniquely attractive and upscale neighborhoods in the area. Many of us chose Saguaro Canyon as our living-place for this very reason. In order to keep our subdivision attractive and inviting, and to maintain and grow our property values, we must all respect and abide by the CC&Rs that set high structural and landscaping standards intended to maintain the high quality look and feel of our community. Changes and upgrades to our properties are allowed, however there is a process by which the desired changes are approved by the Architectural Compliance Committee (ACC).

Want to understand about the process, general rules, and access forms for ACC forms submission and consideration?


No construction, alteration, modification, removal or destruction of any improvements of any nature, whether real or personal in nature, shall be initiated or be permitted to continue or exist within the property without the prior express written approval of the Architectural Committee (ACC).

THIS INCLUDES EXTERIOR PAINTING OF THE HOME! Please do not start painting your home prior to receiving ACC approval. You must include paint samples (body, trim, etc.) with your application, with brand and color number. Note that scanned or copied paint colors from paint swatches DO NOT always portray the color properly when received. It would be best to include actual paint swatches with your completed ACC form. The ACC only allows colors that match or do not significantly vary from the southwestern desert/earth-tones that are typically seen in our Saguaro Canyon Subdivsion. Loud and unique colors can be fun, but ALL colors must blend into the subdivision earth-tone norm.

The procedure before starting any exterior alteration is as follows:

  1. Request an application from Snake River HOA Management (Snake River HOA) or you can download/print a copy from here
  2. Complete the application in its entirety and return it to Snake River HOA or mail it to 845 E. Fairview Suite #120, Meridian ID 83642.
  3. Snake River HOA will immediately forward the application to the Architectural Committee
  4. An ACC member will meet with you in a timely manner if there are questions or discuss the proposed changes
  5. The ACC will return the approved or disapproved application to Snake River HOA
  6. Snake River HOA will send you a letter of approval to begin your project, or disapproval with explanation
  7. Upon completion of the project you must inform Snake River HOA, who will advise the ACC to perform a final inspection
  8. The ACC will notify Snake River HOA of the final approval
  9. Snake River HOA will send you a final approval letter.

Note: many of the above steps are transacted by email to save time and expedite the project. Please be sure to include your email address on your application.

Please be sure to submit your application well before you want to start your project, therefore allowing the committee time to inspect and reply.

Some projects may require city/county permits and/or inspections. The ACC does not determine if permit(s) and/or inspections are required, however, depending on the project, the ACC may advise you of the possibility. It is the responsibility of the home owner to investigate with the appropriate agency, and acquire the proper permits prior to starting the project, and manage inspections where required. Saguaro Canyon will not be responsible for the property owner’s failure to acquire appropriate permits and inspections.


Originally, the storage of RVs or Trailers were not allowed anywhere on the property EXCEPT in an RV garage. In 2016, the Rules for RV/Trailer Storage were changed as follows:

  1. As above, you must submit an ACC Application to Snake River HOA requesting the outside storage of an RV/Trailer. Details of the RV/Trailer must be provided i.e. vehicle type (Trailer, Motorhome), make, model, length, height.
  2. As per the above process, Snake River HOA will forward the request to the ACC for consideration and follow the process per 3 – 9 above.
  3. The following must occur for approval:
    1. No commercial vehicles or trailers of any type other than Recreational Vehicles or camping type trailers (includes pick-up campers).
    2. Owner must add a concrete driveway extension from the street to the fence/gate behind which the RV/Trailer will be stored. 45 degree angle from the driveway is acceptable. No ribbon strips in the concrete extension. All done at owners expense.
    3. Owner must add a hard surface (concrete or asphalt, with a stem wall perimeter) pad behind a 6 foot fence/gate. Asphalt to be compliant with National Asphalt Pavement Association specifications. At all done at owners expense.
    4. The Trailer/RV must not be visible from the street, or from the side street if a corner lot.  A 6 foot fence/gate is required at the driveway entrance to the storage area.
    5. Adjacent neighbors/homes must approve (front, back, sides, up to eight homes).
      1. Simple majority rules the vote. If a tie, a board member breaks the tie.
    6. No applications will be accepted for storage on lots adjacent to Common Areas (no back or side yard common area borders).
    7. Application is per-vehicle.


Idaho Landscape LLC (208-941-0337) provides landscaping services to our subdivision and they are willing to replace trees for homeowners. The prices range from $275 – $450 per tree installed with a 1 year warranty. They will remove your old trees as well.

  1. Pick out one of the following trees at Du-Rite Nursery, 5321 W Cherry Lane, Meridian, ID 83642:
    • Thundercloud Maple (minimum 3” caliper inches)
    • Crimson Maple (minimum 3” caliper inches)
    • Royal Red Maple (minimum 3” caliper inches)
  2. Send email to Russ Shinn at letting know your address and the trees you picked out.
  3. Russ will confirm back to you a price and schedule for installing them.


Idaho Landscape LLC can also give you a quote for getting the grass replaced and flower beds cleaned up with proper weed barrier.


Stain all surfaces of fence: BEHR Premium Cedar Natural Tone No. 501 TRANSPARENT Waterproofing Wood Finish. Behr 501 can be purchased at Home Depot.


Do not use a different brand that attempts to duplicate the color, as it does not come out the same color.

For best results, power wash the fence in advance, especially if it is an older fence.