Board Meetings

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Since this website is not a secure website, the full past OFFICIAL meeting minutes including finance and budget information are NOT posted on this site. The full meeting minutes are found on the Snake River HOA secure site at

The next regular board meeting of Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Homeowners’ Association will be held on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 at: 7:00 P.M. at Heritage Middle School.  There must be a majority of the directors (three) to constitute a quorum.  If a Board Member cannot be present, if any voting is too take place he/she must have a proxy filled out by the board member that will be representing.

Note:  If a homeowner wishes to address the board, they must call Snake River to be added onto the agenda in order to schedule them at the beginning of the meeting.

Below is the agenda for the July 16 2019 meeting:


  1. Roll Call to determine quorum
  2. Homeowner Topics
  3. Approval of Minutes  
  4. Financial Report
  5. Reports as follows:

Landscape Committee

                                   –Website/Newsletter, Welcome/Social Committee

                                   – Architectural Committee – Final Builder Deposit Inspection Report (resent 7-10-18)  

                                   – Swimming Pool Committee-Sun Shade for Kiddie Pool Discussion (see examples)  

                                                          (FYI: New sign to restrict Kiddie Pool to 4 years old and under was installed)                                

 – Violation Report

Unfinished Business: Wrought Iron Fence Project (Aero Fence)

Radar Operation (Ed)

Playground “Race Car Feature” repair (Fred)

Bylaws Continued Discussion


Dave Bethke Removed and Jason Evans added to ICCU Bank Accounts

New “Children at Play” sign along Red Horse installed

New Business:     Discussion on Committee Chair Responsibilities (Cora)

Next Board Meeting:   July 16th, 2019 7:00, at: Heritage Middle School, room #101



Below was the agenda for the May 21st meeting:

  1. Roll Call to determine quorum
  2. Homeowner Topics
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Financial Report
  5. Reports:

Landscape Committee-Needs a new Chairman from Board (to fill Dave’s position)

Website/Newsletter, Welcome/Social Committee

Architectural Committee – Final Builder Deposit Inspection Report (resent 7-10-18)

Violation Report

Swimming Pool Committee-Backflow tests done, both passed (see attached)

6. Unfinished Business: Wrought Iron Fence Project (Aero Fence)- Update

  • Bylaws Continued Discussion
  • Playground “Race Car Feature” – Repair update
  • Bocce Ball – Survey results, next steps

7. New Business:

  • New Board Position Opening-Need to remove Dave and add someone to ICCU Bank Accounts
  • Two hose bibs repaired at pool house-they were stripped, and cleaners could not turn off or on to use power washer

8. Next Board Meeting:       June 18th, 2019 7:00, at: The Coffee Studio

9. Adjournment


Below was the AGENDA for the April 16, 2019 meeting, with summary discussion results.

The full official minutes are posted on the Snake River HOA secure site as soon as they are approved by the Board.


Roll Call to determine quorum. Dave, Cora, Jason, John, and Ed all present.

Homeowner Topics

  1.  A streetlight has been requested (by a homeowner) on E Saguaro Hills between Handel and Ocelot, at the common area pathway/sidewalk intersection. Many streetlights in SC are under the City of Meridian. The situation is being looked into.
  2. Homeowner (present) requested a change to CC&Rs to allow backyard chickens. The Board and the owner are tasked with understanding Meridian City position on this as a first step. Changes to CC&Rs require a full subdivision vote with a 2/3 majority approval.

Approval of Minutes. March meeting minutes were approved

Financial Report. Discussed and approved. Details on the official report at Snake River.


Landscape Committee

  • final Joshua trees installed
  • Irrigation water is on.

Website/Newsletter, Welcome/Social Committee

  • Website is continuously being updated, waiting for new input (events and details)
  • Garage sale May 4, signboards to be placed at major entrances
  • Easter Egg hunt was a success. Thank you Jason and Elizabeth.
  • Pool opening event discussion. Plans TBD. Pool keys can be distributed at the event.

Architectural Committee

  • Final Builder Deposit Inspection Report (resent 7-10-18)
  • Usual amount of requests for repainting
  • Replacement of weathered child safety signs

Violation Report-

  • RV parking on lawn discussion. Is it be allowed?
  • 4 violations in review and processing

Swimming Pool Committee

  • Splash Pool Update (Pioneer Pool and Spa) Final Invoice sent for $5888.02, waiting on final inspection by fire department prior to payment.
  • ADT  (new video surveillance system)installation set for April 24th

Unfinished/ongoing Business

  • Wrought Iron Fence Project (Aero Fence)-Project started; west side of Red Horse to be done this week. Owners notified in advance.
  • New Pool Cards-Plan for pick-up/distribution is still not finalized. Final plan will be on the website in advance. Will be available at the pool on opening day.
  • Bylaws Discussion (delayed to May meeting)

New Business:

  • Playground “Race Car Feature” broken-was replaced in 2017 for  $2750 + installation, replace again? Board looking into lower cost replacement.
  • Mass Email Discussion: Results of test email blast 3/28: Snake River has 275 valid email addresses of 423 properties. Continue to obtain additional email addresses. No discussion of future use of the email list.
  • New owner Welcome letter needs to be updated.

Next Board Meeting:

  • May 21st, 2019 7:00, at: Heritage Middle School, Orchestra Room