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Important and Useful Info For Owners

Please scroll down on this page to view information on a number of important subjects and links.

Always Check the Pools, Events, Irrigation, and Calendar Pages for Information




Read more about our Subdivision Board here.

Please submit a completed form to Erik@SnakeRiverHOA.com if you are interested in a Board or Committee position.


Our subdivision has received this letter from Settlers Irrigation District, our irrigation water supplier:

Dear Lot Owner and/or Homeowners Association:
We are writing to you on behalf of Settlers Irrigation District (hereinafter “SID”) and concerning the construction and installation of fiber optic conduits by TDS Metrocom, LLC and/or its agents, contractors and subcontractors (hereinafter collectively “TDS”) which is or may be occurring in the future within your subdivision.

As you are likely aware, SID is an irrigation district organized and existing under state law and operates and maintains the pressure irrigation system within your subdivision. SID entered into an agreement with the owner/developer of the subdivision to operate the pressure irrigation system, including the main pressure irrigation lines which provide irrigation water to the subdivision (hereinafter “Construction Contract”). The Construction Contract provides, among other things, a ten-foot (10’) easement which is five feet (5’) to either side of the pipelines for SID to operate and maintain said pressure irrigation system. Many of these pipelines and easements are located in the backyard/back lot of each lot within the subdivision, and in all situations, SID is the only entity with any facilities within the back lot easement. Please note that SID is only responsible for the pressure irrigation mainlines and individual pressure irrigation service lines to each lot valve.

It has come to the attention of SID that TDS now desires to construct and install fiber conduit in the back lot of subdivisions, including those where SID’s facilities are located. SID has emphasized to TDS that SID has concerns about TDS installing fiber conduit in back lots where SID’s facilities are located. Said concerns include, but are not limited to, the fact that TDS will be crossing SID’s pressure irrigation facilities multiple times (between 2-4 times per lot), will not be meeting SID’s standard requirement of being three feet (3’) below the pipes, and there is a likelihood TDS will damage/strike SID’s facilities as well as the individual service lines to its patrons. SID will likely have to turn off the pressure irrigation system which will interrupt its delivery of pressure irrigation water to its patrons in order for TDS to locate and repair damages to irrigation facilities. Additionally, SID will now have to call Digline in order to perform a repair which could take an additional 3-4 business days. Accordingly, SID informed TDS that it will not provide written authorization to TDS authorizing TDS to install fiber optic conduits across SID’s facilities or within SID’s easements so long as they are in the back lot. Per Idaho Code section 50- 3006(2)(b), TDS is responsible for all damages to facilities and property (https://legislature.idaho.gov/statutesrules/idstat/title50/t50ch30/sect50-3006/). However, simply because TDS is responsible for the damages it causes does not eliminate SID’s concerns because of the interruptions to deliveries to SID’s patrons such as you.

The purpose of this letter is to provide you notice that SID understands that TDS intends to proceed forward with installation of fiber optic conduits in the back lot without SID’s written consent. Thus, SID is providing notice to you that SID may have delays in providing pressuring irrigation to you or your subdivision due to damages or strikes to the pressure irrigation system and SID may have to turn off the pump station and pressure irrigation system to the entire subdivision. In some cases, the damage or leak to the irrigation pipe may not be visible because it is underground and will not be known until SID turns on pump stations in the spring. If damages become too extensive, SID may require ownership of the pressurized irrigation systems be returned back to the HOA.

Finally, SID reiterates that it does not agree that TDS should be installing fiber optic conduits in back lots because of the potential for damages to SID facilities and to individual lot owner’s facilities, but should you have issues, concerns or damages arise, please contact:

TDS construction hotline – (855) 259-8576
City of Meridian Clerk- (208) 888-4433
Idaho Public Utilities Commission- (208) 334-0300
Secretary of State (Franchise Authority)- (208) 334-2300

Respectively, Settlers Irrigation District’s Board of Directors

NEW: MyGreenCondo Saguaro Canyon Sub Web Portal !

Please be advised that Snake River Management Company, our subdivision property management company (https://snakeriverhoamgmt.homesteadcloud.com/) supports a web-based app/website that provides a unique web “portal” for Saguaro Canyon Subdivision owners/residents, as well as other HOA/subdivisions that they manage.

The specific “portal” site for Saguaro Canyon Subdivision is https://www.mygreencondo.net/saguarocanyon/index. All Saguaro Canyon Owners/residents are encouraged to log in at https://www.mygreencondo.net/saguarocanyon/login.php and create your own account. If Snake River already has your email address on file, you will find that your account username (email address) is already populated in the account user name window. The first time you log in, you must create a password to complete the application for your account. If you do not find your email already populated, please inform erik@snakeriverhoa.com and provide with a proper one, which will also be used for broadcast emails to our subdivision.

The portal offers numerous options to help improve homeowners’ visibility on HOA issues such as check your account balance and make payments, submit ARC applications for improvements to your property, respond to violation letters, access documents and forms, and much more. A “neighbors” section is also included, such that you can see the names and addresses of Saguaro Canyon subdivision residents. (Residents can opt in/out of this feature, or various parts of it).

Except for our Saguaro Canyon Subdivision unique data, the MyGreenCondo website is not a one-off for Saguaro Canyon. Snake River has implemented MyGreenCondo as a service for all of their Snake River Managed HOAs, as a benefit to all owner/residences.

MyGreenCondo includes features that support/assist Snake River in their property management services, as well as the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Board of Directors to have direct access to subdivision statistics, financial/budget records, vendor/contractors, and the ability to do surveys, polls, and manage voting on important issues, which is an important feature.

Snake River HOA Management populates appropriate fields/windows with Saguaro Canyon subdivision specific data.

Please create your account, log in, and explore the site, and provide feedback to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. We think you will find the site very helpful and powerful given its wide selection of important features.

This MyGreenCondo portal for our Saguaro Canyon subdivision is not intended to replace our https://www.saguarocanyonsub.com/ website, which contains much more “real-time” AND detailed information regarding just about anything you might want to know about our subdivision in general.


We occasionally have an urgent need to get important information to our residents and owners. This is also to manage HOA costs by not using the postal service.

PLEASE BE SURE that your current email address is on file at our property management company, Snake River HOA Management Company. This is as easy as sending an email to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. Be sure to include your full name and address.

Snake River HOA Management will only send occasional emails as necessary, never spam, and will keep your information completely private.

Snake River  HOA Property Management Service Drive-bys: Potential Residential Violations

Worried about getting one of those compliance letters from Snake River HOA Management?

Drive through observations by Snake River occur 2 times per month during the summer months! In the balance of the year October through May), the drive throughs occur only 1 time each month.

View a list of property issues that may be observed during Snake River HOA Management regular Drive-throughs.

February 21, 2023 Annual Owners Meeting Summary

The 2023 annual HOA “Owners” meeting was held on February 21, at 7:00 p.m., at the Ambrose School on Locust Grove.

Note: out of 423 homes in Saguaro Canyon Subdivision, only 47 homes, including proxies, were in attendance or represented. This number is a pretty sad representation of interest in our subdivision community. At least 106 homeowners must be represented at a meeting in order to have a “quorum”.  As a result, no voting was done. The upcoming Board member elections will be accomplished by the Board itself.

The 2023 Board did a great job of presenting the messages (presentation below) and discussing current issues and challenges. Great job and thank you Kathy, Angella, Linda, and Jaimee. Well done.

We seriously need at least two more volunteers for Board and committee positions for 2023. Kathy Lamson and Jaimee Phillips are leaving our Board immediately. We thank them for their time and dedication, especially Kathy who has served as our President for the last 3.5 years. Jaimee, for an excellent job of Social and Pool Committee Head.

If you are interested in a Board or Committee position, please fill out an application from this link and email to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. Board and Committee positions will be determined (by the Board) and the March Board meeting. Board positions and the various committees are noted here.

Homeowners are ALWAYS invited to the monthly Board meetings, which typically are on-line ZOOM meetings. Check our calendar (above) for Board Meeting and other event dates and times.

View the Feb 21, 2023 annual owners meeting presentation by clicking this link.

Questions about the City of Meridian?

Check our their new website (Feb 2023) at https://meridiancity.org/

About NextDoor and Facebook Groups

This website Saguarocanyonsub.com is the ONLY website that is the official information source for the subdivsion, sanctioned by the HOA Board.

The Saguaro Canyon Subdivision HOA Board as a whole does NOT sanction, endorse, or validate comments and communications on any social media, i.e. NextDoor or Facebook, although Nextdoor/Saguaro Canyon groups do exist and are supported subdivision residents. The Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012620898766737 .

Our Board STRONGLY advises to ONLY refer to this Saguarocanyonsub.com website for the most current and accurate information for residents, and additionally, if possible attend the regular monthly HOA Board meetings to which all owners/residents are invited. The monthly Board meetings are noted on the “Calendar” page, and the agenda preview is available on the OWNER INFORMATION => Board Meetings menu.

Snake River HOA Management Company (SnakeRiverHOA.com) our Property Management Service, maintains basic important information regarding our subdivision, however not to the extent and detail as you expect from a dedicated subdivision website.

Dog Poop: If it is your dog => Please pick it up!

Taking your dog(s) for a walk? PLEASE pick up your own dog’s poop and take it home with you or deposit into the Sub garbage cans!

Carry POOP bags with you, however poop-bags are usually available at various stations around the Sub. Bags and garbage service are paid for by Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Owners = YOU! 

It’s no fun to see and come across POOP that has been left careless owners.

PLEASE help to keep our Sub free of dog poop! Also, if you see litter laying around..please pick it up! 

Stray animals (including cats) and endlessly barking dogs: What to do?

Animal control for Saguaro Canyon falls under the State of Idaho Humane Society as noted at https://idahohumanesociety.org/animal-control/animal-laws/

If you know who the cat/dog/whatever belongs to, we first suggest that you discuss with the owner. Otherwise contact the Idaho Humane Society at  208-343-3166 as noted at https://idahohumanesociety.org/animal-control/contact-us/

Saguaro Canyon Sub Library!

Located on the front corner of the POOL HOUSE, near the Parking Lot!  Take a book! Leave a book!  Free!

Streetlight Outages

Streetlamp not working on your street or in the subdivision? You can easily report a specific streetlight issue by using the MERIDIAN CITY INTERACTIVE MAP BY CLICKING HERE. Simply find the light/lamp location on the map and click on it.

The decorative street lamps along Red Horse (designated in the yellow/gold color) up to Joshua Tree belong to the Subdivision and are maintained by the Subdivision. Contact Eric@SnakeRiverHOA.com if one of the lamps along Red Horse is not working.

Pool Area Security

Let there be no question: entering the pool area during the off hours is trespassing and can not be tolerated. Trespassing, and trespassing causing damage to the property are punishable offenses. Repairs are expensive (coming out of HOA revenues) and could jeopardize the future use of the pool for all.

Our high-resolution video security system monitors, records, and provides us with a visual that clearly individuals who choose to make use of our property illegally or causes vandalization. Three additional cameras were added in 2020, that provide great views of the entire pool area.

Cameras monitor the gate entrance area, both pools, and the fireplace den 24-7. This system will also help in the event any unfortunate accident occurs within the area, providing us with a historical visual record.

More information about the pool is available on the “Pool Info” page.

General Maintenance and Common Issues

Note: all notations below are a very short summary of what is covered in the Saguaro Canyon CC&Rs or By-Laws. Refer to these documents for all details

Home Painting

Given the long hot summers and cold winters experienced here in Treasure Valley, typically our homes need to be completely repainted every 6 – 8 years. The hot sun quickly burns and fades any paint.

If you are repainting with exactly the same paint color scheme, you do not need to fill out an architectural form.

If you are repainting with a new color scheme, you must send a COMPLETED ACC FORM to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. Be sure to describe the plan (where each color will go, i.e. trim, main, etc.) plus any details, and include paint color swatches and brand/color names. The Architectural Committee will evaluate and respond quickly. The ACC form can be found on the Documents pull-down menu at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Structures, Landscape Changes, Fencing

The addition of ANY new structure, fencing, or major landscape change on the residential property MUST be approved by the ACC. This includes storage sheds, concrete/patio concrete/structures/covers, arbor/pergola/etc. The ACC Design & Landscape Standards document describes requirements, limitations, and process regarding these kinds of changes. You must send a completed ACC form to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. The Architectural Committee will evaluate and respond quickly.

Parking: Autos, Trucks, RVs, Trailers, Boats

For more information, click this link

Street/pavement Issues

Street maintenance/repairs/potholes, etc. in Saguaro Canyon are under the jurisdiction of the Ada County Highway Department (ACHD). This includes the street storm drains in the streets. Contact erik@snakeriverhoa.com with any issues.

Report any emergencies to 911!

It is also our responsibility as home owners to report anything that appears to violate any terms of our CC&Rs, so it can be addressed quickly. We owners, as well as the Board and Snake River HOA want to keep our properties and common areas within the subdivision looking at their peak!