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Important and Useful Info For Owners

Please scroll down on this page to view information on a number of important subjects and links.


February 18 Brings HOA Annual Board Member Elections, 2019 Budget Review, and 2020 Budget Overview.

One current board member will be leaving in February 2020.

A replacement will be voted in by the homeowners at the February 18 meeting.

At this point (1/12/20) we have no candidate submissions. If you have previously submitted for a Board position, you must re-confirm by contacting erik@snakeriverhoa.com or resubmitting the completed form by February 14.

If you have interest in serving on the Board to help manage this great subdivision, please express your interest by downloading and completing this form, and sending it to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. Voting will occur at the annual Home Owners HOA meeting on February 18.

Committee members are also always needed, ESPECIALLY for Social/Events.

Board positions require attending a one hour meeting per month plus the management of random email dialog as needed throughout the month between Board members and Snake River HOA to discuss various business, issues, and concerns that occur for various reasons.

Learn more about our HOA Board here.


Unfortunate but true, according to AAA. Read more here.

Do you really need to be in that much of a hurry?





Use of ROUNDUP in Saguaro Canyon Subdivision

Several homeowners have inquired to the Board about the use of Roundup by Idaho Landscape, our landscape maintenance contractor. In response, Idaho Landscape management has provided this written communication:

“As a company that mixes chemicals into quantities to be applied to weeds and grasses, we are monitored, regulated, and licensed by the Idaho Department of Agriculture. We mix concentrates at our shop and never on-site. In order to obtain and retain our license for chemical applications, there is continuing education, current testing protocols, inspections, and extensive documentation of all mixing and usages of chemicals that the Dept. of Ag requires. Part of the documentation includes owners name at site, product we are using, dilution rate and wind speed at date and time of application (no drift allowed).

We do not use the ‘Round-up’ brand for non-selective weed control. Non-selective is just what it says; it will kill most all plants, i.e. (in) planter beds, bare ground, and tree rings. We do use a different brand. That being said, most herbicides have Glyphosate in them. Mixed at the correct rates, the Dept. of Ag deems them safe around animals and most importantly humans.

 Some of the Non-selective products we use are Makaze and Clean-up Pro. These are mixed at rates following the label which is 2 to 3 ounces per gallon, which covers up to 20,000 square ft. If you do the math, this is an extremely diluted formula. Selective (weed killing) products are used to target a specific broadleaf weed usually in crops or turf.

 In summary: As professional applicators of regulated chemicals we are extremely regulated, our documentation is audited, and our technicians are spot checked and inspected regularly. An amazing fact about all the products we use and some that we don’t use, like Round-up and Krovar, is that any homeowner can purchase in concentrated form and use at any rate they choose without any regard to its labels instructions without any PPE or inspections and regulations from the Dept. of Ag. The general public can also store these concentrated chemicals at their house in whatever container or area they choose.

 If anyone chooses to read some additional information about this subject go to Bayer.com/Glyphosate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any further questions.”


Comments from Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Board:

In looking up the two non-selective products used by Idaho Landscape: “Makaze” and “Clean Up Pro”, the labels on both state: “This product is considered relatively non-toxic to dogs and other domestic animals; however, ingestion of this product or large amounts of freshly sprayed vegetation may result in temporary, gastrointestinal irritation (vomiting, diarrhea, colic, etc.). If such symptoms are observed, provide the animal with plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Call a veterinarian if symptoms persist more than 24 hours.”

Every time Idaho Landscape sprays they must use a form to document where, the product used, how much, rate and wind speed, etc. is recorded, and they keep those forms for seven years.

Idaho Landscape does not spray around a homeowners street gutters or property because it is not in their contract with Saguaro Canyon to do so. Idaho Landscape is only contracted to manage/maintain common areas (parks, pool perimeters, playgrounds, walkways, etc.)

The Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Board strongly recommends that if/when you use any weed killers around your property that you strictly follow the product application and storage instructions provided by the manufacturer, which are usually found on labels of the various products.

More information can be found at: http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/glyphogen.html


Watch out for children! Drivers be cautious and watchful!

Yes it is that time of year again! Children will be running here and there to meet their bus or carelessly get to their destination! 

Speed limits in Saguaro Canyon are 25 miles per hour MAXIMUM!    

And if that School Bus Stop sign is out: you MUST STOP! It is state law!


About Nextdoor 

Just to point out about the Saguaro Canyon Nextdoor social site: Nothing against our neighboring subdivisions, but the site is NOT by any means exclusive to the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision residents or boundaries. Anyone can join and post on this social media site. Just keep this in mind when you are posting or responding to a post.

The Saguaro Canyon Subdivision HOA Board does NOT regularly (or even often) monitor or respond to posts on Nextdoor. Your best source of information is this website, or coming to the monthly Board meetings. PLEASE REPORT ANY SAGUARO CANYON ISSUES DIRECTLY TO ERIK@SNAKERIVERHOA.COM. Feel free to use the CONTACT US page on this site to ask questions.

Email Address on file at Snake River?

Occasionally Snake River needs to quickly send out important and urgent messages to our owners. Please be sure your current email address is on file at Snake River HOA Management. Send to erik@snakeriverhoa.com . Your email addresses will be kept private at Snake River HOA Management and never be used for spamming or ads.

  • We will not “spam”. Emails will be limited to perhaps 1 per quarter, most likely a short newsletter style, unless there is some very important reason to send additional emails such as an emergency in the area.
  • Only SRHM will have access to the email address list. The SCS Board has no interest in having the list.
  • Your email addresses, either in part or as a whole, will NOT be passed beyond SRHM.
  • Only the SCS Board can generate/trigger SRHM to push out emails.
  • Emails will NOT contain advertising and will strictly be limited to SCS business and events
  • You may opt out of emails from SRHM by contacting erik@snakeriverhoa.com, but this is not advised as you may miss out on important information about the subdivision

Pool Area Security

First off, let there be no question: entering the pool area during the off hours is trespassing and can not be tolerated. Trespassing, and trespassing causing damage to the property are punishable offenses. Repairs are expensive (coming out of HOA revenues) and could jeopardize the future use of the pool for all.

In 2019 a new high-resolution video security system has been installed that will monitor, record, and identify individuals who choose to make use of our property illegally. The system is connected to the internet, allowing for quick access and identification of activities.

Cameras monitor the gate entrance area and both pools 24-7. This system will also help in the event any unfortunate accident occurs within the area, and we need a historical visual record to refer to. In 2020, the video security system will be enhanced to add additional cameras.

General Maintenance and Common Issues

Note: all notations below are a very short summary of what is covered in the Saguaro Canyon CC&Rs or By-Laws. Refer to these documents for all details

Home Painting

Given the long hot summers and cold winters experienced here in Treasure Valley, typically our homes need to be completely repainted every 6 – 8 years. The hot sun quickly burns and fades any paint.

If you are repainting with exactly the same paint color scheme, you do not need to fill out an architectural form.

If you are repainting with a new color scheme, you must send a COMPLETED ACC FORM to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. Be sure to describe the plan (where each color will go, i.e. trim, main, etc.) plus any details, and include paint color swatches and brand/color names. The Architectural Committee will evaluate and respond quickly. The ACC form can be found on the Documents pull-down menu at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Structures, Landscape Changes, Fencing

The addition of ANY new structure, fencing, or major landscape change on the residential property MUST be approved by the ACC. This includes storage sheds, concrete/patio concrete/structures/covers, arbor/pergola/etc. The ACC Design & Landscape Standards document describes requirements, limitations, and process regarding these kinds of changes. You must send a completed ACC form to erik@snakeriverhoa.com. The Architectural Committee will evaluate and respond quickly.

Parking: Autos, Trucks, RVs, Trailers, Boats

Saguaro Canyon streets are under the jurisdiction of the Meridian City code enforcement. The city code for vehicle parking of any kind on a Meridian City street is 72 hours. The streets are PUBLIC streets and Saguaro Canyon Subdivision or its owners have no control over who parks in front of your house. Call Meridian City Code enforcement if you have issues with cars parked in the streets in your neighborhood.

Saguaro Canyon homes were typically constructed with three-stall garages such that all cars and vehicles can be parked inside of those garages. Parking for extra vehicles of any type in driveways is limited to 72 hours.

RVs, Trailers, Campers, Boats, etc. may ONLY be stored within the standard fencing of the property IF vertically they are BELOW the fence line, unseen from the street and neighbors. Storage for vehicles taller than the fence MUST by requested from the ACC by completing and submitting an “RV-Trailer Variance Application”. The firm requirements are many. All surrounding neighbors must approve.

Report Street Lamp Outages

With the exception of the decorative street lamps along Red Horse Way that are actually maintained by Saguaro Canyon HOA, the larger street lamps in Saguaro Canyon are maintained by the City of Meridian.

Meridian has a great interactive map for reporting street lamp outages. Go to http://cityofmeridian.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=4cc16cacca4c4a35a5222ef29e830087 . Locate on the street map the exact lamp that is out and click on the (X) that marks the location. This will send a message to Meridian maintenance and it will be repaired.

Street/pavement Issues

The streets in Saguaro Canyon are under the jurisdiction of the Ada County Highway Department (ACHD). This includes the street storm drains in the streets. Contact erik@snakeriverhoa.com with any issues.

Report any emergencies to 911!

It is also our responsibility as home owners to report anything that appears to violate any terms of our CC&Rs, so it can be addressed quickly. We owners, as well as the Board and Snake River HOA want to keep our properties and common areas within the subdivision looking at their peak!