Saguaro Canyon Subdivision prides itself with its southwestern landscape layouts and earth-tone architectural designs and structures that truly distinguish Saguaro Canyon from any other subdivision in Treasure Valley. Common areas around the pool and other areas, and most notably the grand arbor spanning the Red Horse entrance from McMillan invites you to the neighborhood and the massive center-island spread of various desert-theme growths and foliage such as Joshua, Sage, Lavender, and cacti, tall grasses, Yucca, and more. The pool buildings and surrounding rockery and complimentary verdure extend the theme throughout the neighborhood. In the dusk to dawn hours these features are elegantly highlighted with lighting designs that not only points out their night-time beauty but also provides security in the areas.

Maintaining our rich subdivision landscaping for both common areas and private residences is an on-going effort. The Saguaro Canyon Landscape Committee and our maintenance contractor (Idaho Landscaping) work continuously and diligently to keep our common areas looking at their best. A significant part of the HOA budget goes to keeping our subdivision at peak. Living and owning in this upscale Saguaro Canyon Subdivision is something we owners should highly be proud of, and one way we can do that is by maintaining the look and “curb appeal” of our own properties. Keeping the lawns green (in the summer) and freshly mowed, weed-free, shrubs, bushes, and trees trimmed and at their best. Keeping fencing in good repair and regularly stained is vital, as well as keeping your house structure freshly painted. The hot summer sun and the cold winters definitely shorten the “fresh” look of fencing and structures. Keeping your property cosmetically maintained and sharp-looking is not only for the good of the subdivision, but also for the good for you as a property owner to keep your home value as high as it can be.

If you see something in either the common areas or in a private area that doesn’t meet our general standards, please contact .

Landscape rules and guidelines can be found under the Home page Documents menu. Select “ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE DESIGN AND LANDSCAPE STANDARDS AND SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS”.