Welcome to Saguaro Canyon Subdivision!                                                                                                                                                                                     

On behalf of your Homeowners’ Association, we would like to welcome you to our community. We hope you enjoy living here as much as we do. This neighborhood offers many great features including swimming and toddler pools, common areas, bike and walking paths, parks, and fun community events. Please go to www.saguarocanyonsub.com for information and updates regarding our community.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information which is important for property owners and residents living in Saguaro Canyon.

CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions)

As part of your escrow closing, you should have received a copy of our CC&R’s. If you have misplaced or need additional copies, you will find them (downloadable) on the website mentioned above. Making any changes or improvements to the exterior of your home including painting, landscaping, adding a shed, etc. requires approval by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), a volunteer group appointed by your Board of Directors. Forms for detailing and submitting these changes are available on the website as well.

Homeowner Association Dues

All property owners in Saguaro Canyon are required to pay annual homeowner’s dues. The dues are currently $740 per year, which are billed in February and collected by our property manager, Snake River Homeowner’s Association Management Company. HOA dues are used to maintain common areas, pool, irrigation system, landscaping, and subdivision infrastructure.


Please use common courtesies, manners, and respect when visiting the pool. The pool hours are posted on the Saguaro Canyon Website and at the pool during the open season. Use of the pools is for Saguaro Canyon Subdivision homeowners, residents, and accompanied guests only. Do not open the gate for people who do not have their own card- keys. Please read and comply with the pool rules posted on the website and in the pool area. Pool card-keys are available from Snake River HOA Management. The address is 845 E. Fairview Ave, Suite 120, Meridian ID.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors consists of five Saguaro Canyon Subdivision property owners who are elected by the HOA property owners for three-year terms. Regularly scheduled board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month, via on-line ZOOM video conferencing. All Board meetings are open for owners to attend. Watch the website for the monthly agenda. Contact Erik Sprengel at Snake River Homeowner’s Association (erik@snakeriverhoa.com) for an invitation to attend the monthly meeting, or you have a subject to discuss. Erik will email a link for you to join the meeting. You will find the dates and time of the Board meetings on the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision website as well as posted on sign boards at each entrance to the subdivision.

Trash and Recycle Collection

Collection for trash (green lid container) is on Mondays and recycle collection (red lid container) is every other Monday. The CC&R’s require that these receptacles be stored out of sight by the evening of pick up day.

Irrigation Water Consumption (Independent system from your city provided house water)

All homeowners must follow their designated watering schedule which can be found on the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision website. It is essential to follow your watering schedule to avoid over-use and low-pressure issues. Irrigation water is turned OFF for the winter season, typically October through April. If you have an irrigation issue, contact Settler’s Irrigation District at (208) 343-2571. Check the Saguaro Canyon website first.

Good Neighbors

Having good neighbors also means being a good neighbor. Here are just a few thoughts concerning community values. The speed limit in the community is 25 MPH. Please watch out for walkers, joggers, children, pets, and bikers. Please make complete STOPs at stop signs. Please keep any trees in your yard trimmed to prevent intrusion into your neighbor’s yard or overhanging onto the sidewalks (8’ vertical height). Please keep your pets on leashes and pick up after them. New Neighbors? Welcome them to our community! If you have questions, you may contact Snake River Management at 208-855-0505 or email erik@snakeriverhoa.com.

Regards, the Saguaro Canyon HOA Board

(Revised 1/1/2021

Associated links:

http://saguarocanyon.homestead.com/ : which is for Snake River HOA Management, our HOA Management service. The password is SAG83646.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012620898766737/members/ : a Facebook page specifically covering our subdivision, randomly contributed to by various owners inside and outside of SC subdivision, but not by the SC HOA Board.

https://nextdoor.com/neighborhood_feed/ a Nextdoor page specifically covering our subdivision, randomly contributed to by various owners inside and outside of SC subdivision, but not by the SC HOA Board.

Regularly check www.saguarocanyonsub.com for other websites that may be helpful to new and existing residents.