Snake River Inspection Drive-Bys; Potential Violations List

You all are aware that Snake River HOA Management does regular “drive-bys”: two times per month during the summer months, and once per month during the fall-winter-spring months.

Below is a list of many of the kinds of issues they will be looking for in the drive-bys. If your property is showing any of these issues during the drive-by, within a few days of the drive by you will receive a violation letter from Snake River.

Obviously the purpose is to keep Saguaro Canyon Subdivision “looking good”, showing that we are all proud to live in the upscale subdivision that it is, and are all doing our part to keep it an attractive and well kept place to live and own in Treasure Valley.


  • Un-mowed lawn/grass, grass too long,
  • Dead/dying spots in lawn/grass
  • Weeds in grass/lawn
  • Weeds in parkstrip: weeds/grass around tree base (parkstrip = area between street curb and sidewalk)
  • Weed barrier material exposed, needs to be covered with bark, gravel, etc.
  • Parkstrip tree(s) needs trimming up from sidewalk (8 feet above the sidewalk to allow plenty of head-room for walkers)
  • Parkstrip tree, suckers growing up from ground, need removing
  • Shrubs need pruning
  • Dead/dying tree(s)
  • Dead/dying shrubs/plants/vines
  • Sprinklers running during required off-time
  • Vines/shrubs/pet fencing/decorative items, etc. tied to Common Area Fencing
    • Many individual owner properties are backed up to Saguaro Canyon Subdivision common areas, separated by a common wrought iron fence. Use of and maintenance of this wrought iron fence is part of the common area and falls under the jurisdiction of the HOA and not the individual property owners involved.
    • Per our HOA CC&Rs Article 6: The association or its authorized agents shall have the obligation to conduct all business affairs of common interest to ALL owners . Operation and Maintenance of Common Area – the maintenance, repair and replacement of any facilities installed by the Declarant….and the maintenance, management, repair or replacement all other property owned or controlled by the Association.
      • Any homes that border a common area, in Saguaro Canyon, having a metal fence as the barrier between their lot and said common area may not attach or have leaning against using any metal or abrasive material, i.e. wire, decorations, rocks, etc. to the metal fence.
        • Per the June 16, 2020 HOA Board Meeting: Homeowners may however put up darker plastic/rubber-clad mesh fencing (to blend into the fencing and landscaping) to keep smaller pets in their yard. This fencing material can only be secured to the common metal (wrought iron) fence using plastic zip ties, landscape tape, or string. Please see below for examples of acceptable fencing.


  • Fence needs staining or repair
  • House structure needs painting (whole or touch-up) i.e. facia boards, garage doors, entire main structure, roof vents/vent pipes, mail box)
  • Front of house/garage nighttime lights off/burned out (dusk to dawn on required)
  • Vines/shrubs tied to Common Area Fencing

General Appearance

  • Front dusk to dawn lights not on
  • Garbage/recycling containers showing (exception = pickup day)
  • Trash/debris/junk items visible (Includes rear of properties viewed from streets)
  • Storage structure behind fence visible above fence line
  • Signboard/political sign visible (other than property for sale)
  • Mailbox needs repainting or replacing
  • Driveways: Excessive pitting/cracking/weeds
  • Christmas lights still attached (out of season)

Cars, Boats, Trailers, RVs

  • Boat/trailer/RV in driveway (beyond 72 hour time limit) (Note: excessive street parking beyond 72 hours is a Meridian Code Issue)
  • Backyard/Side yard Boat/trailer/vehicle visible above fence line. NOTE: an RV/Trailer storage application approved with special requirements for side-yard storage. Read more under ACC/Architecture/PROCESS AND REQUIREMENTS REGARDING RV/TRAILER STORAGE
  • Work related vehicle Trucks, box truck (over 1 ton) etc. excessive parking