RV, Trailer, Vehicle Parking

Many residents have an RV, Camping or Equipment Trailer, 5th Wheel, or even Commercial Truck/Trailer that needs to be parked at or in front of our home from time to time.

Note that Saguaro Canyon streets are under the jurisdiction of the Meridian City code enforcement, specifically section 7.2.5. The city code for vehicles (of any kind) parked on Meridian City streets is 72 hours.

Meridian streets are PUBLIC streets and Saguaro Canyon Subdivision HOA Board or its owners have no jurisdiction over who parks in front of your house, or for how long.

Snake River HOA Management, our property management company, MAY send you a notice/reminder of the 72 hour limit, even if you have not exceeded the 72 hour limit. To avoid a notice from Snake River HOA, it is suggested that you notify Erik@SnakeRiverHOA.com, letting them know that the RV/Trailer/Etc. is there and the stay will be less than 72 hours.

Call Meridian City Code enforcement if you have issues with vehicles parked in front of your home or in the streets in your neighborhood. Suggest you first talk to the owner if it is a persistent issue.

Many Saguaro Canyon homes were constructed with three-stall garages such that the resident owned vehicles can be parked inside of those garages.

Parking for extra vehicles of any type in driveways is also limited to 72 hours, governed by the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision CC&Rs.


When storing for a duration longer than 72 hours, RVs, Trailers, Campers, Boats, etc. may ONLY be stored within the standard property-line fencing IF vertically the highest points on the vehicle are BELOW the fence line, screened from the street and neighbors.

Long term storage for vehicles taller than the top of the fence MUST by requested and approved by the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision ACC by completing and submitting an “RV-Trailer Variance Application”. The form requirements are firm, and are listed in the variance application. All surrounding neighbors must approve.