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POOL CLOSING: September 27


One condition of the pool being open during this COVID-19 pandemic: NO GUESTS. Don’t be the one responsible for LOSING your pool privileges and possibly closing the pool down for everybody! Do not let “guests” or “unknowns” in the gate on your key card!

A “guest” is: ANYONE who does not permanently live within the boundaries of the Saguaro Canyon Subdivision as shown at: https://www.saguarocanyonsub.com/about-saguaro-canyon/

Saguaro Canyon 2020 Pool Season Guidelines

In keeping with the recommendations for the Guidelines of Opening Up Idaho set by the Governor with the assistance of the Department of Health and Welfare and federal agencies, below is an outline of how the Saguaro Canyon Home Owners Association  will open and operate the pool for the 2020 swimming season.

Once the state pivots to stage 3 of the reopening plan currently for MAY 30th we will open the pool and the playgrounds that day under modified rules that are outlined below.  If any stages in the Guidelines for Opening are postponed, we will reevaluate and reflect those changes in the opening date.  We understand the delay in opening is not ideal, but the collective goal is the safety of our residents.

Everyone needs to practice social distancing of 6 (six) feet of separation on the pool deck to minimize possible exposure in social situations.  Anyone feeling unwell should stay home.  Everyone is encouraged to practice good hand hygiene and cover all coughs and sneezes.

We understand these times are frustrating, but following these guidelines is for the safety of all of us.  We appreciate the Saguaro Canyon residents continued support and willingness to abide by these guidelines.

2020 Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Pool Rules

  • The pools and playground will open per the above announcement at 9 A.M. on Saturday May 30th.

  • Residents only: No guests are allowed in the pool or pool area. Entry to the pool area is at homeowners’ own risk.  While every effort will be made to keep the pool area a Covid-19 free environment, the Board cannot guarantee anyone’s safety.

  • The pool will be open for use 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. each day to allow for daily sanitization of the restrooms while keeping the association within our annual budget. 9:00 A.M. to 10 A.M. is reserved for adult only swimming.

  • All attendees must maintain the 6-foot social distancing separation standard as recommended by the CDC.

  • Pool furniture will not be available this season to limit the number of hard surfaces that require daily cleaning, thus reducing cleaning costs and increasing user safety. Homeowners are welcome to bring personal chairs only for pool deck use.  No lounges or tables will be allowed.  The chairs need to be removed at the end of each visit.

  • The SCHOA Board reserves the right to close the pool at any time the Board deems the environment has become unsafe, or users not following these rules.

  • The SCHOA Board reserves the right to close the pool for the season based on the virus environment and upon guidance from the government officials or Departments of Health.

Thank you for understanding that the above steps are necessary for all of us to have the safest summer season possible.


Saguaro Canyon Subdivision Homeowners Association Board

PLEASE READ THE COMPLETE SET OF POOL RULES AT https://www.saguarocanyonsub.com/swimming-wading-pools/

City of Meridian, State of Idaho, Center for Disease Control, and Saguaro Canyon Subdivision conditions and rules apply: https://meridiancity.org/government/covid-19


If you are a Saguaro Canyon Owner and need a pool gate-key, contact erik@snakeriverhoa.com

You must be in good standing with the HOA to be able to obtain a pool gate key. Only one gate-key per family is allowed.


VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM STAYS ON 24/7/365!                          



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