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Annual Garage Sales:

Spring Garage Sales are held on the 2nd Saturday in May: (5/13/23)

Fall Garage Sales are held on the 3rd Saturday in September: (9/23/23)

Garage sale signs are placed by various committee members at the main entrances to Saguaro Canyon Subdivision i.e. MacMillan/Red Horse.

Swimming Pools/Area Opening

The Pools typically open in mid-May. The exact date for 2023 will be determined. Usually the pools/pool area are open for Memorial Day weekend.

For information about Pool Events, please visit the “Pool Info” page.

Typical Events – Stay tuned for dates and details

Easter Egg Hunt or Candy Hand-out

July 4 Bike Parade

National Night Out

Social Event “helpers” are always needed. 

Contact  jaimeephillips@yahoo.com for more information or submit an application by clicking below.

Submit an application if interested in being on the Social Committee!

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