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Saguaro Canyon 2021 Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest Results! 

Saguaro Canyon Sub residents did a great job of showing their Christmas and Holiday spirit and decorating abilities! Thank you!     

Judging for the 2021 contest was evaluated in the following three categories. Three winners for each category are shown immediately below.

Griswold Award: Because you can never have too many lights!

Top Prize: 749 Bonita Canyon $100.00

2nd Prize: 869 Segundo $50.00

3rd Prize: 5442 Red Hills $25.00

Santa’s Favorite: Best display that has an organized appearance or theme.

Top Prize: 742 Pasacana $100.00

2nd Prize: 674 Bonita Canyon $50.00

3rd Prize: 605 Joshua Tree $25.00

North Pole Award: Best neighborhood decor.

Top Prize: 5543 Senita Hills $100.00

2nd Prize: 715 Joshua Tree $50.00

3rd Prize: 5814 Pinery Canyon $25.00

We had many many more residences that were nicely and attractively decorated with lights and other features. Thank you all for this. Note that all contestants had to register on this website in advance in order to be judged in the contest.



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