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JANUARY 2020 BOARD MEETING: 7:00 – 8:00 P.M. TUESDAY Jan/21, HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL ! Check the “Board Meetings” menu to see the agenda.

FEBRUARY BOARD MEETING (2/18) IS THE ANNUAL OWNERS MEETING! Please plan to attend. The 2019 results and 2020 budget will be presented, as well as Board Membership voting for 2020.

Social/Event Planner/Director Needed f0r 2020. 

Contrary to popular opinion, Board Members do not plan or manage social events. Events only happen because of owner participation. Right now, (Dec 2019), we have no volunteers to plan and manage social events for 2020. Contact CoraWickersham@gmail.com for more information or submit an application by clicking below.

Submit an application if interested in being on the Social Committee!

NON HOA ActivitIes
Saguaro Canyon attracts a diverse population of ages.  Our neighborhood is home to young families, singles, and active seniors.  The Saguaro Canyon Senior Club, known as SC2, is a group of age 50+ residents who get together for all kinds of activities — BBQ’s, ice cream socials, game nights, golfing, breakfast, out-on-the-town nights, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, holiday cookie exchanges, and so forth.  For more information, please contact Diane Covington at dmcovington@msn.com.  Come get acquainted and make friends in the neighborhood!  Note: The SC2 activities are independent from and in no way sponsored by the Saguaro Canyon HOA.

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