Irrigation Information


We will post the “turn on” date as soon as we get it from Settlers Water District.


Water storage pond

The water storage pond  and the pump house just to the southeast of it between E. Segundo and E. Cholla Hills belongs to the Settlers Water district. Settlers is in charge of the maintenance of the pond. Saguaro Canyon Subdivision does not own or manage this storage pond.

Do not swim, play, or let your dogs swim in the water storage pond as the water can be very stagnent and unhealthy. The pond is NOT stocked with fish.

Notice that many migrant birds like to take refuge there and do what they do. Please do not throw rocks at the birds or into the pond.

The water feature/waterfall at the north side of the storage pond does belong to Saguaro Canyon Subdivision.

If there are any serious issues please notify .