Snake River HOA Property Mgmt

Snake River Homeowners Association Management Inc. is the property management company that oversees our Saguaro Canyon Subdivision and other HOAs in Treasure Valley. Snake River HOA Management provides a number of services such that subdivision Boards can focus on the detailed maintenance and management of subdivision issues plus event planning and execution.
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A few basic services provided:

  • Overall Saguaro Canyon HOA receivables i.e. homeowner fee (annual dues) collections
  • Payments for utilities and contractors for maintenance (landscape, pool, fence repair, legal fees) and overall vendor management
  • Invitations for bids to vendors and potential vendors for Board determined services needed (such as building/pool repairs, landscape maintenance, fencing repairs, etc.)
  • Monthly reporting to the Board of spending and budget tracking, which includes reporting of resident fee collection status
  • Regular observations of the subdivision property compliance to CC&Rs, and notifications to homeowners of non-compliance
    • Bi-weekly (every-other week) during spring, summer, fall
    • Once per month during winter
  • Distribution of pool keys
  • Visit for a complete list of services.